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Keith Vaz, MP [Mar. 14th, 2006|01:49 pm]
Paul Cosgrove
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Keith Vaz is the Labour MP for Leicester East and recently introduced new legislation, in the form of Bill 136, to update the 1984 Video Recordings Act to make special provisions for violent and objectionable material in videogames.

I originally emailed Mr. Vaz last year, and was rather frustrated to recieve a form reply that pretty much ifnored every point I'd made.

He was brought up again recently when he pushed for Bill 136, and I decided to give contacting him another shot.

My original letterCollapse )

Mr. Vaz"s replyCollapse )

Aaaand my responseCollapse )

Update: He got back to meCollapse )

He sounds a little pissed off with me, I think. The "I shall bear them in mind" comment seems especially like an annoyed dismissal.

Oh well - I'm just chuffed I managed to get anything out of him, although I am considering writing back again to point out some logical issues I'm having.

Update again: I couldn"t resistCollapse )
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Keith Vaz [Nov. 11th, 2005|04:03 pm]
Paul Cosgrove
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[Audio |Bad Religion - Politics]

I've just fired off an email to Keith Vaz, an MP who's basically the UK's version of Jack Thompson, only without the abrasive personality.
My long, long letterCollapse )
Hope he reads it... I have a horrible feeling some intern in the House Of Commons will skim it, see I'm not from his constituency and just trash it.

Update: Got a reply. DisappointingCollapse ) They completely and utterly failed on every level to address any of the points I made - I just got three lines of rhetoric instead.
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